250 kg
Crown: 13 mm
Leg: 10 mm
Load capacity
4 x 5000 pcs.

SGR 4 / TEL Stapling Device with 4 stapling heads.
For stapling round blanks of corrugated cardboard

Application range

The 3-piece, prefabricated round blank made of corrugated cardboard is inserted into the stapling device. The foot valve activates each 2 staples from the bottom and top.

Then the round blank is turned over in order to staple the opposite side.
Each 4 cardboard flaps at the top and bottom are stapled into the cardboard body so that the 3-piece round blank forms a unit.

• Centering of the cardboard spools by stop dogs.
• Execution of the stapling process with all 4 stapling heads simultaneously or individually.

Technical Description

SGR 4 / TEL Stapling Device (SGR/C 13-30/4X/TEL)
•  With 4 stapling heads C 13 - 30/80.
• 2 at bottom, 2 at top, left and right version.
•  Loading capacity 5000 staples on a coil.
•  Reloading time of one staple coil in less than one minute.
•  Frame with pedestal.
•  Equipped with 20 liter pressure tank.
•  Compensation of air fluctuations.
•  Working height 900 mm.
•  Output: approx. 1- 2 pcs per minute incl. handling.

See also pneumatic stapling head > C 13.
See also Automatic stapling machines > C06.

4,5 - 6 bars
Air consumption per stapling at 6 bar
15 NL
Device dimensions (L x W x H)
1500 x 1000 x 1600 mm
250 kg
Stapling head
4 x C 13 - 30/80
Load capacity
4 x 5000 pcs.
Stapling head reloading
within 1 minute
For following sizes
Round blank 250 mm, height 50 mm
SGR 4 / TEL Stapling Device with 4 stapling heads. For stapling round blanks of corrugated cardboard
Stapling Head for coiled staples (13 mm crown, 1.0 mm wire). For stationary use in stapling devices and special purpose machines for stapling and nailing all kind of materials.
Staple Remover MORI.
To remove larger staples from cardboard boxes.

M C 30

for stapling head C 13 - 30
A = crown:
13,00 mm
5.000 pcs.
B = leg:
8,50 mm
60.000 pcs.
C = wire:
1,00 mm

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