C10 Automatic Series C

180 kg
Crown: 13 mm
Leg: 11,5 mm
Load capacity
3 x 5000 pcs.

C10 Autom. Stapling Machine with 3 Stapling Heads C 13.
Stapling of Slide Lids into Cardboard Tubes.
SHM 3/C13-36/PRO/BUC.

Application range

The cardboard tube can either be assembled by hand with the lids already in and put onto the anvils or the slide lid alone can first be put over the anvils onto the support cross and then the tube pushed over the centring rods on top of the lid. 
By activating of the two pneumatic push- buttons (= 2-hand valve) the 4 stapling heads will be triggered and apply up to 3 staples. When releasing the two push-buttons the stapling heads return into their initial position. The cardboard tube with the slide lid fixed into it can  now be turned for another 3 stapling operations or  taken out. 
Capacity: 8 - 10 Slide tubes / minute.

Technical Description

(SHM 3/C13-36/PRO/BUC)
• 3 Stapling Heads > C 13 - 36.
• 2 stapling heads in left and 1 in right execution.
• Up to 3 staples in one operation.
• Loading capacity of 1 stapling head: 5000 coiled staples.
• Coiled staples M C 36.
• Reloading time for 1 coil: less than 1 minute. 
• Anvil and centering device.
• Anvil  / operating height ca. 1100 mm. 
• Diameters which can be operated ca. 75 mm.
• Two hand valve.
• Equipped with 20 l pressure tank to compensate pressure fluctations.
• Equipped with a servicing unit.
See > Stapling heads for coiled staples > C 13.
4 - 6 bars
Air consumption per stapling at 6 bar
2.4 Ltr.NL for stapling head
Device dimensions (L x W x H)
798 x 698 x 1580 mm
Noise pressure level
< 70 dB
180 kg
Stapling head
3 x C 13 - 36
Load capacity
3 x 5000 pcs.
Stapling head reloading
within 1 minute
For following sizes
Diameter 75 mm
C10 Automatic Stapling Machine with 3 Stapling Heads. Stapling of Slide Lids into Cardboard Tubes.
Stapling Head for coiled staples (13 mm crown, 1.0 mm wire). For stationary use in stapling devices and special purpose machines for stapling and nailing all kind of materials.

M C 36

for stapling head C 13 - 36
A = crown:
13,00 mm
5.000 pcs.
B = leg:
11,50 mm
60.000 pcs.
C = wire:
1,00 mm